Our Services

  • Full AC Service

  • Full Brake Service

  • Full Tire Service

  • General maintenance & Repairs of all makes and models

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Cars and Trucks

Repairs for passage vehicles include the following:

  • AC repair

  • Oil changes

  • Fender repairs
  • Framework

  • Electrical systems
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Installation of lift kits

Whatever your vehicle’s problem, we can fix it so that you can be back in the road in no time.

Framework and Welding

If you have any frame problems, we can fix them. Our welding experts will make sure that the repair is done professionally and that your vehicle looks good.

Big Rigs Plus

At Berkshire County Auto Repair, we can work on any vehicle. If you need to repair a big rig, heavy construction equipment, or other specialty vehicle, come and see us. We can get your vehicle back to work quickly.